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Emily Richards: Links

2012AM Website (Emily's new band)
2012AM is Emily's latest musical endeavor. Synergized by MP3tunes, 2012AM features Emily's vast vocal range and piano and includes Jason Brock (guitar), DJ Quenique (beatmaker) and Mark Wooton (effects wizard). 2012AM has been called alternative rock breakbeat and has been to be like Fat Boy Slim meeting Tori Amos.
Emily's MySpace Page

Buy Music

Buy digital copies of Emily's albums for only $8.88 or tracks alone for $.88.
Emily Richards CDs at Cdbaby
Buy 7 of Emily's CDs at

Good Causes

AWAKE Community
Artists Working for Awareness, Knowledge & Education - a nonprofit using the arts & creativity for a better world.
Songserver Worldwide
Listen to podcasts for The Department of Peace and more. Very cool site.
Peace Alliance
Learn more about the quest for a Department of Peace.
The Compassionate Friends
An organization keenly equipped to help anyone whose lost a child or sibling.

Great Musicians

Jason Brock
Super hip guitar player goes solo!
John Jones
Emily's producer and dear friend - see why he won a grammy!
Dave U - Drummer for the Hooters
Dave is a good friend and can really lay down a groove...
Sean Halley
Producer & musician extraordinaire, check out this cat!
The Believers
Brad & Periel Stanfield ( members of Emily's new band Freedom People) share their music.