An Amazing Week

I've had the most amazing week - certainly one of the most magical of the past decade. Monday, I arrived in San Francisco and spent the evening with my NBB family, Joe and Lisa Jobe, Jason and Jason Hoar. Tuesday, we opened for Melissa Etheridge at the General Session of the Biodiesel Conference and she impressed me to no end. Her life experiences have awakened her...her voice, her music, her message....all powerful. That afternoon, Jason and I met Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stones) and ended up rehearsing and later performing You Can't Always Get What You Want together. Jason and I closed out the night with a powerful concert to a wonderful crowd and dear friends. Wednesday, we flew to Salt Lake City and performed for the Investor's Choice Conference. I reconnected with PwC and other colleagues I haven't seen in many years. Today, we met with a variety of investors for our new record label, ArtisTech Media. I am blessed with abundance in a time of difficulty. Tonight, a small group of Wayne Brown Institute Folks gathered for dinner and later drinks. What a bright and genuine group of people. Tomorrow we ski Deer Valley and will later celebrate my birthday with family and childhood friends. In times of despair, have hope. Love abounds! P.S.Happy Birthday Jayson Haws!

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