Emily's New Album-Open In The Garden

Emily Releases 13th Album Under 'Snowflake' Persona

Open In The GardenAfter seven years since releasing Valhalla, I'm so honored to finally release Open In The Garden!  I've been writing these songs since 2005 -- and although they've been afraid to be heard, they are now released to the world (eeks)!

To listen, just click the album cover. To discover more about the songs, click Lyrics by each song title for lyrics, credits and stems. I hope you'll check out the artbook with its intro and thank yous. And please feel free to post a comment with your impressions of the songs, production, song order, etc. To download in CD-quality, with the high-res artbook, become a Green Room member.

I was soo very lucky to work with the amazingly talented producer Loveshadow -- he did all of the production work in his studio in the UK -- we've never actually met in person. It has been an extraordinary process and I am soo grateful to him and everyone else at ccMixter and TuneTrack that helped make this possible!

I hope you enjoy the songs -- they come from the deepest, truest part of me.


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