Happy Mother's Day! My two Mothers are forefront in my mind.

Art: digitumdei
I am truly grateful for my amazing Mother that gave birth to my physical being, cared for me, raised me, nurtured me, taught me...and so much more. I know I was not the easiest daughter to raise (I was very rebellious - imagine that?!?!), but my mother's patient support gave me the strength to follow my inner world and my dreams. When most other voices suggested I just put my head down and follow the status quo, my Mother lifted my face to the sky and walked with me to the rainbow's end! I love you Momma! My thoughts turn to the Mother we all share...this miraculously complex planet called Earth. Without this intricate ecosystem, sustaining all lifeforms as we know them, we would not experience Life. The air we breath, the water we drink, the food that nourishes our all provided by this huge whirling, living mass in a mostly dark, empty solar system. We cannot separate ourselves from her and the resources she provides without question or judgment.
In honor of our shared Mother, I will donate 1% of all my GreenClub Memberships created this week to the Mother Earth preserving nonprofit of your choice. Email me or post your nonprofit selection on this blog entry and the donation will be made in your name!
Thank you, Mothers, for giving me life!

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