Valhalla digital-LP Now Available to Purple Room in Emily's Listening Lounge

Finally - the digital-LP for Valhalla is done!   It's only taken me a year (but what a crazy year - sorry for the delay Alex!)......

Anyone can listen and preview for free so enjoy! If you want to download, join my Listening Lounge (Purple Room - it's dark with hot purple black lights in there-haha!).

The recording of each song on the album created such great memories for me. Like Fire of Lonely at DrumRoll Studios where John Jones recorded us all live (we added Clay's flute later). And recording Ralf's drums with Sean at Juscat.

If you join the Purple Room, you'll the download for all of my digital-LPs (11 albums). I know it might seem expensive at $69 bucks, but you get at least $110 worth of music and merch, and receive an Executive Producer Credit on 'One or Ten' CD (environmentally friendly CDs made from potato of course!) set for summer release.

Thank you for your continued support and for listening!

Here's a kiss for your love!


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