Emily Richards - First LA Performance in Four Years

Emily Richards left the glitz and artistry of Los Angeles four years ago to become the President of MP3tunes, a Michael Robertson company, based in San Diego. In late September, Emily bid MP3tunes a fond farewell to return to her music, patiently incubating in the wings. Emily will make a special guest appearance Monday night, December 15, at John Jones's Birthday Tribute. This will be Emily's first LA appearance since she left the City of Angels four years ago. Emily is currently in the studio, recording her 11th album, "Open", working with producers/musicians John Jones , Brad Stanfield, Sean Halley, Dave Uosikkinen, DJ Quenique, and Jason Brock. Stop by Life on Wilshire this Monday, December 15 at 9.30 pm to experience Emily's musical reunion with John, Sean, Jason and others. Without music, life would be a mistake. ~Nietzsche

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