Emily Creates ArtisTech

Emily Richards, Alex Goodwin, Derek Ford and Kirsten Swartz-Morton announce their newest venture ArtisTech Media, LLC - a specialized technology company focused on music and media from an artist's point of view. Tunetrack is the flagship project of ArtisTech. Tunetrack provides musicians and music lovers access to bands 'behind the scenes' through a tiered network. Get access to yesterday's band rehearsal, last night's concert or today's new composition at www.Tunetrack.net. Tunetrack teams with DoubleTwist Ventures to give musicians an easy way to share their creations with their fans via Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and a growing list of mobile devices. Via Tunetrack's website and technology, Emily be sharing the play by play process of recording her new album, 'Open'. Limited beta-access will be granted to dedicated listeners in the upcoming weeks. Visit www.artistechmedia.com, www.tunetrack.net and www.emilyrichards.com to stay informed.

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