Emily Richards' Holiday Album

Merry Christmas! How quickly each year circles around. It's been extraordinarly cold here in San Diego - frost but no snow. The winter holiday season is my favorite -- there are so many cultural and spiritual sacred days this time of year to honor. And, I LOVE Christmas!

Christmas Angel album coverLast year we remastered Christmas Angel, the holiday album Jason and I produced. We tracked the songs in our Los Angeles apartment the first Christmas after Annie passed away, and John Jones mixed it (thank you John!).

The title track, Christmas Angel, brings back memories of longing and loss that first holiday. If any of you have lost someone close this year, I hope this song may give you some comfort.

"There is a new star, and a new angel, an empty place at the end of the table...."

Previewing my music and artwork is always free. If you feel like downloading CD-quality tracks, or just supporting my music (and my new album, Open), join my Blue Room. :)

It looks like I'll be skipping this ski season (but my LCL is recovering!). Oh, could you please send me pictures of your ski outings, so I can live through you?

Merry Christmas everyone! Peace.

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