Emily Supports Ron Paul for President

I've been greatly discouraged by the state of the nation, particularly the corruption of our government that is contributing to our economic decline and unwarranted world policing. Ron Paul states he will bring our troops home. This is by far the best way to protect our country. The illusion of 'staying to finish the job' is just brainwashing propaganda. Sure, keep killing and maiming people and blowing up buildings and roads - and that will somehow bring peace? Hello!?! Are we really that illogical? Ron Paul believes in upholding the Constitution. Novel idea. Our Founding Fathers took great care to create Checks and Balances for times like these -- when ultimate power corrupts ultimately. Of course, when the Executive Branch usurps and overturns key constitutional checks and balances, well, goodbye democracy (have we really ever said hello?). Ron Paul is the only candidate letting the people know we are in trouble. Goodbye IRS! As a CPA, I realize many of my colleagues will need to reinvent their careers should this miracle occur. I can only pray we get this opportunity! If we actually stop giving a third of all our wages (did you know this is actually unconstitutional?) to the big centralized federal government, the politicians can't subsidize wars, oil companies, and mono-cropping. Don't let them fool you into thinking the government should take care of you (remember Hurricane Katrina?) -- trust me, we're much better off keeping our taxpayer money and letting local nonprofits and honest people help each other with all of the issues we face. During the San Diego fires, we took care of each other, and quite well at that. I don't agree with all of Ron Paul's stances....but it is imperative we restore the Constitution, bring our troops home from around the world and stop funding the corrupt politicians. If we can fix these key items, then perhaps we can begin to worry about the issues they are distracting everyone with in the media. I am proudly supporting Ron Paul for President and hope you will consider doing the same. Visit www.ronpaul2008.com. Peace, ~Emily

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