Help Me Decide the Songs for My New Album

How do you decide which of your musical creations end up forlorn in a notebook somewhere, never to see the light of day, and which are subject to the collaboration and participation of the best musicians you know? (long sentence!) I have narrowed my album, Open, down to 18 songs and I think five or four more need to be cut. This album has been five years in the making compared to one year or less for my other ten. The year-long tour of 2004 and nearly four years as President of MP3tunes took me away from recording, but not from writing, so I am having a bit of difficulty deciding which songs to exclude. At, I'll be posting preproduction versions of the songs for members of my Fan Club so you can help me determine which songs, and how many in total, will make it on the actual album. I will also be putting up certain source tracks for remix and creative commons license at The songs being considered are: 1 - Open 2 - Reflection 3 - Trigger 4 - No Escaping 5 - Apology 6 - Inside Outside 7 - To This 8 - Compromise 9 - The Pool 10 - Navigate 11 - Really Nothing 12 - Legacy 13 - Rise 14 - Alabaster Dove 15 - Salkantay 16 - Brother John 17 - Earth 18 - Biodiesel Willie Early versions of tracks are available for private access on now and should be available for your listening perusal early March. I will keep you posted! Cheers...

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